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Descargas De Libros arrow 52 Actos Para Ventriloquía Por:W.Riebe/DESCARGA DE LIBRO

52 Actos Para Ventriloquía Por:W.Riebe/DESCARGA DE LIBRO
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52 Actos Para Ventriloquía Por:W.Riebe/DESCARGA DE LIBRO

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52 Complete routines suitable for all types of puppets! 

Even if you are just searching for new gags to use in your present routine, this book is jam packed full of a variety of great items. The dialogues have been written in such a way that they will suit any kind of vent doll and personality. 

A massive number of topics are covered! You will find something for all tastes and occasions, including: 

General, On Stage, Hobbies, More School, Famous, Sport, Family, General Cheekiness, Sick, Airplanes, School Again, The Problem, Marriage, Interview, Holidays, Mr. Entertainment, The Alphabet, Mothers-In-Law, My Dog, Television, More Sport, More General Cheekiness, More School Again, Opera, More Family, General Again, Overseas, Even More School Again, My Other Dog, General Knowledge, Jobs, Who's Being Clever Now? More Television, And Still... Even More School, Family, Religion, Even More General Cheekiness, Space, Driving Exam, And... Even More General Cheekiness, Sailor Boy, Hot Dog? Hamburger? Oh No! Not Even More School, Inventions, How Much Cheekier Can You Get? Modem Music, Animals, Difficult Old Dummy, Love, It Can't Be More General Cheekiness, On Strike.

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